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Brain Games

Brain Games

Find Amazing Brain Games at Marbles!

Toddler Games     Children Games     Pre-Teen Games     Teen Games     Addition Game

Multiplication Game     Science Games     Trivia Games     Memory Games

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Order of Operations Rap

Order of Operations Rap (PEMDAS)

This Order of Operations Rap is a cool way to get students to remember the Rules of PEMDAS.

PEMDAS Rap is written by Christopher Rudolph


Other PEMDAS Rescources

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Thanksgiving Language Arts

Thanksgiving Language Arts K-12

Find cool, exciting, and challenging Thanksgiving Language Arts Lessons, Thanksgiving Language Arts Worksheets, and Thanksgiving Language Arts Activities for grade K-12.

NEW K-12 Thanksgiving Language Arts Lessons, Worksheets, and Activities

Thanksgiving Math

Thanksgiving Math K-12

Find cool, exciting, and challenging Thanksgiving Math Lessons, Thanksgiving Math Worksheets, and Thanksgiving Math Activities for grade K-12.

NEW K-12 Thanksgiving Math Lessons, Worksheets, Activities

Advanced Placement Test Prep

Advanced Placement Test Prep

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Advanced Placement Test Prep Courses - Get unlimited access to 20 Advanced Placement Courses and many other High School and college courses. These Educator online video AP Courses are taught by highly qualified and talented teachers. These teachers are experts in their field. Save time and jump to your problem topic with searchable lessons. Ask questions to a community of teachers. Also, you can practice with example problems, download slides, and lesson notes.

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AP US Government Online Video Course     AP Microeconomics Online Video Course

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AP Statistics Online Video Course     AP Psychology Online Video Course

AP Biology Online Video Course     AP Environmental Science Online Video Course

AP Chemistry Online Video Course     AP Physics 1 & 2 Online Video Course

AP Physics C Mechanics Online Video Course     

AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism Online Video Course

AP Computer Science Java Online Video Course

AP Studio Art 2-D Online Video Course     AP Music Theory Online Video Course

AP English Language and Composition Online Video Course

AP English Literature and Composition Online  Video Course

AP Spanish Online Video Course     SAT Preparation Online Video Courses

Timed Multiplication Tests Online

Timed Multiplication Tests Online

These Timed multiplication Tests Online are scored automatically. Use these multiplication tests on desktops, laptops, Macbooks, iPads, Chromebooks, and more. Students can print out their scores or take a screen shot (alt + print screen button and then paste into email ctrl + v) and email the screen shot to their teacher. These quizzes are timed for 60 seconds.

Twos Multiplication Quiz     Threes Multiplication Quiz

Fours Multiplication Quiz     Fives Multiplication Quiz

Sixes Multiplication Quiz     Sevens Multiplication Quiz

Eights Multiplication Quiz     Nines Multiplication Quiz

Tens  Multiplication Quiz     Elevens Multiplication Quiz

Twelves Multiplication Quiz

One Minute Timed Multiplication Level 1

Multiplication Quiz Level One 1      Multiplication Quiz Level One 2

Multiplication Quiz Level One 3     Multiplication Quiz Level One 4

One Minute Timed Multiplication Level 2

Multiplication Quiz Level Two 1     Multiplication Quiz Level Two 2

Multiplication Quiz Level Two 3     Multiplication Quiz Level Two 4

One Minute Timed Multiplication Level 3

Multiplication Quiz Level Three 1     Multiplication Quiz Level Three 2

Multiplication Quiz Level Three 3     Multiplication Quiz Level Three 4

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Animal Alliteration Poem

Animal Alliteration Poem

by Christopher Rudolph

Animal Adjective Alliteration is a popular poem that is useful when teaching about alliteration. This language arts poem is also rich in vocabulary. There are also 2 crossword puzzles, a word search, and 2 vocabulary quizzes online.

Go to Animal Alliteration Poem

More Figurative Language Lessons

Pre-K     Kindergarten     1st Grade     2nd Grade     3rd Grade    

4th Grade      5th Grade     6th Grade     7th Grade     8th Grade    

9th Grade   10th Grade     11th Grade     12th Grade

Battle of Gettysburg Quizzes Online

Battle of Gettysburg Quizzes Online

These Battle of Gettysburg Quizzes Online test knowledge of the information contained in Battle of Gettysburg Epic Poem, written and narrated by Christopher Rudolph.

Battle of Gettysburg Basic Overview Quiz

Battle of Gettysburg Commanding Officers Quiz

Battle of Gettysburg Union Officers’ Photos Quiz

Battle of Gettysburg Confederate Officers’ Photos Quiz

Chapter 1 Quiz     Chapter 2 Quiz     Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4 Quiz     Chapter 5 Quiz     Chapter 6 Quiz

Chapter 7 Quiz     Chapter 8 Quiz