Language Arts Quizzes For Summer

Language Arts Quizzes For Summer

Summer is a great time to brush up on your skills. Master the basics by taking these Language Arts Quizzes over and over again until 100% is achieved. These Language Arts Quizzes Online are automatically scored.

English Alphabet Quizzes     Spelling Quizzes Online

Vocabulary Quizzes Online     Test Taking Strategy Quiz Online

Parts of Speech Quizzes Online     Grammar Quizzes Online

Prefixes Quiz Online     Suffixes Quiz Online

Homonyms Quiz Online     Analogies Quizzes Online

Synonyms Antonyms Attributes Quiz Online

Figurative Language Quiz Online     Proverbs Quiz Online

Idiomatic Expressions Quiz Online     ESL Quizzes Online

Math Quizzes For Summer

Math Quizzes For Summer

These Rudolph Academy Math Quizzes for summer are great for helping students master the basics. Summer is a great time for students perfect their skills. Each quiz is scored automatically. Students can take these quizzes over and over until 100% mastery is achieved.

Addition Quizzes    Subtraction Quizzes    Multiplication Quizzes

Multiplication Alliteration Word Problems and Quiz

Division Quizzes     Comparative Numbers Sign Quiz

Comparing Numbers Quiz     Prime Numbers Quiz

Divisibility Of Numbers Quiz     Percentages Quizzes

Order Of Operations Quiz     Simplifying Fractions Quiz

Ounces To Pounds Quiz     Algebra Word Problems Quizzes

Academic Math Vocabulary Quiz

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Songs To Teach Fractions

Songs To Teach Fractionsby © Christopher Rudolph

Here are some groovy songs to teach fractions!

© Fractional Brothers – This is a song about some brothers that are really not getting along very well. The oldest brothers is very naughty. He keeps stealing quarters from his younger brothers on the way to a county fair. He ends up getting in real trouble with his Pa later! Do you think he learned his lesson? *

© Fractional Pizza Party – This Fraction Song teaches students about fractions and percents using a song about pizza parties. It is also involves reducing fractions. *

* Teachers, students, and parents have permission to play these songs, and print copies of the lyrics for educational purposes.


Other Resources

Fractions Lesson Plans 

Fractions Video Lessons 

Fractions Worksheets 

Fractions Power Point Presentations 

Fractions Activities 

English Language Arts Video Lessons

English Language Arts Video Lessons

Find English Language Arts Videos for grammar, literature, critical reading, essay writing, creative writing, Shakespeare, figurative language, and poetry.

Pre-K LA Videos     Kindergarten LA Videos    1st Grade LA Videos     

2nd Grade LA Videos     3rd Grade LA Videos     4th Grade LA Videos

5th Grade LA Videos     6th Grade LA Videos     7th Grade LA Videos     

8th Grade LA Videos     9th Grade English Videos    10th Grade English Videos     

11th Grade English Videos     12th Grade English Videos 

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