Spooky Halloween Story

- by Christopher Rudolph

     Keisha was in the living room all by herself.  Her parents had gone out to see a scary movie. Tomorrow night was Halloween and her mom said, “Don’t let the goblins and ghosts keep you up tonight.” They quickly vanished out the door.  Keisha thought about what her mother said and wished she had been more comforting. “What kind of a thing is that to tell a nine year old little girl?” she pondered in disappointment.     
     The house, as usual, was well decorated for Halloween. There were witches, spider webs, skeletons, lava lamps, and plenty of ghosts and goblins strewn all over the place. “I hope those ghosts and goblins really don’t keep me up at night,” she nervously thought. Her innocent pumpkin, which she bought at the school fair, had been carved into a spooky jack o’ lantern.  It had an eerie smirk on its face, and it seemed to be looking straight at her no matter where she went in the room. The knife that carved it was stuck into the side of its head. That was her creepy brother Damien’s idea. He was sleeping over at a friend’s house, and they were planning on doing some tricks before their treating tomorrow night. Keisha wondered what they were up to.     


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Christopher Rudolph

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Indian Lore Bird Poems

These Indian Lore Bird Poems are by bird poet Christopher Rudolph. These bird poems have been influenced by Indian Legends about birds. Birds were looked to as Spiritual Guides. Many times they have been depicted as messengers between Heaven, the Creator, and Earth. Birds are very mysterious. They perceive a world that many of us know nothing about. They communicate with each other with calls and songs and we are not able to translate this. Many Native Americans and other people throughout the world believe and have believed that some of them have Supernatural Powers.

Eagle Indian Lore Poem

Blue Bird Indian Lore Poem

Woodpeckers and Maple Tree Poem

Falcon Indian Lore Poem

Horned Grebe Indian Lore Poem

Owl Soul Guide Poem

Soul Feathers Poem

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Bird Photos and Bird Poems

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Poem About A Forster’s Tern

This is a poem about a Forster’s Tern. It is a bird identification type poem. Photo is by Christian Miller.

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For photos, by Christian Miller, that have inspired many of these poems go to BirdPhotosPoems.com

Bird Photos and Bird Poems

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Leni Lenape Woodpecker Lore Poem

This is a Leni Lenape Woodpecker Lore Poem by Christopher Rudolph about how the woodpeckers saved the maple tree, and then the maple tree repaid them by quenching their thirst with sap. It was inspired by a Native American Indian legend by the Leni Lenape. Photo by Christian Miller.

Printable Copy of Woodpeckers and Maple Tree

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3rd Grade Printable Workbooks

Find 3rd Grade Printable Workbooks for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, telling time, spelling, grammar, writing, word puzzles, vocabulary, parts of speech, punctuation, fairy tales, reading, and much more.


Whaling Song

This Whaling Song is a Sea Chantey Song called Blow Ye Winds In The Morning. This is useful to help students learn that whaling was an important part of the New England economy. In US I this comes up when studying about the New England Colonies.

Performed by Christopher Rudolph

Lyrics to Blow Ye Winds In The Morning

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