Battle of Gettysburg Poem

Battle of Gettysburg Poem – by Christopher Rudolph

A “Monumental piece.” Janet Morgan Riggs – President of Gettysburg College

“Excellent, and a great way to get students interested in history! It’s extremely creative, and a great approach to teaching.” – Dianne Zazalli DeBella – Writing Professor at University of Colorado

 “It may be especially effective as a teaching tool because it is a different way of presenting the information, and is much livelier and more emphatic than most epic poems.” – Bill O’Leary

Christopher Rudolph has “a really powerful voice which is impressive with this poem. I loved it. Quite a tour de force.” – Judy Hammer – High School English and Drama Teacher

Battle of Gettysburg Epic Poem

Battle of Gettysburg Quizzes

Battle of Gettysburg Crossword Puzzle

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by Christopher Rudolph

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Halloween Spooky Story

by Christopher Rudolph

      Keisha was in the living room all by herself.  Her parents had gone out to see a scary movie. Tomorrow night was Halloween and her mom said, “Don’t let the goblins and ghosts keep you up tonight.” They quickly vanished out the door.  Keisha thought about what her mother said and wished she had been more comforting. “What kind of a thing is that to tell a nine year old little girl?” she pondered in disappointment.
     The house, as usual, was well decorated for Halloween. There were witches, spider webs, skeletons, lava lamps, and plenty of ghosts and goblins strewn all over the place. “I hope those ghosts and goblins really don’t keep me up at night,” she nervously thought. Her innocent pumpkin, which she bought at the school fair, had been carved into a spooky jack o’ lantern.  It had an eerie smirk on its face, and it seemed to be looking straight at her no matter where she went in the room. The knife that carved it was stuck into the side of its head. That was her creepy brother Damien’s idea. He was sleeping over at a friend’s house, and they were planning on doing some tricks before their treating tomorrow night. Keisha wondered what they were up to.   Read More

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Poems For Language Arts

by Christopher Rudolph

Animal Adjective Alliteration     Just Talking Figuratively

Mr Adverb vs Mrs Adjective     Persuasive Essay Rap – Persuade Me

Test Taking Strategy Song     Present Participle Verb Song

Parts of Speech Song      Proper Nouns Limerick – Mr Popper Is Proper

Adverb Poem     Who vs Whom Poem

Prepositions in Time and Space      Verb To Be Rap

The Adjective Blues     Adjective Wind Haiku

Synonym Antonym and Attribute Blues

Adverb Limerick – Thoughts About Thinking Abruptly

Antecedents Taking Singular Pronouns Chant

Tongue Twisters   ESL Poems Chants Limericks and Songs

Poem About George Washington

george-washington by Christopher Rudolph







Washington became 1st President

In 1789

True Father of our Country

No other can outshine

From Westmorland County

In the great Virginia state

Not far from Alexandria

At his Mount Vernon estate

Read More

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