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Welcome to Rudolph Academy Quizzes Online. These interactive quizzes are scored automatically. Students can take these quizzes over and over again until they achieve 100%. These quizzes are designed so students can learn from their mistakes. Students should review their quizzes after taking them. By clicking on “Outline” students can see which questions were answered correctly and which ones they got wrong. Students should check to see what the correct answers are. Then they can refresh or reload the screen or page and take it again.¬†Students can take Spelling, Language Arts, Math, ESL, Social Studies, Chemical Elements, SAT, LSAT, Literature, and Shakespeare Quizzes Online at Rudolph Academy. If you are going to be using an iPhone or an iPad to take these quizzes you should try using the Puffin Browser.

Spelling Quizzes

Language Arts Quizzes

ESL Quizzes

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Social Studies Quizzes

SAT Vocabulary Quizzes

LSAT Quizzes

Chemical Elements Quizzes

Literature Quizzes Online (by eNotes)

Shakespeare Quizzes Online (by eNotes)

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