Language Arts Quizzes

These language arts quizzes online are scored automatically. Students can take language arts quizzes over and over again until 100 percent is achieved. If you are going to be using an iPhone or an iPad to take these quizzes you should try using the Puffin Browser.

English Alphabet Quizzes

Spelling Quizzes Online

Vocabulary Quizzes Online

Test Taking Strategy Quiz Online

Parts of Speech Quizzes Online

Grammar Quizzes Online

Prefixes Quiz Online

Suffixes Quiz Online

Homonyms Quiz Online

Analogies Quizzes Online

Synonyms Antonyms Attributes Quiz Online

Figurative Language Quiz Online

Proverbs Quiz Online

Idiomatic Expressions Quiz Online

Bloom’s Taxonomy Quiz Online

Literature Quizzes Online (by eNotes)

Shakespeare Quizzes Online (by eNotes)


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