The Fearless 300

The fearless 300 Poem is about the Spartans that fought in the Battle of Thermopylae. Led by King Leonidas they held back the Persians for three days.

© Rudolph 1993 

by Christopher Rudolph

Four Hundred and Eighty years

before Christ

the fearless 300

paid with their lives.

The bravest men

that fought side by side.

They fought the fiercest battle

until they all had died.


The Persians were marching

300 hundred thousand strong.

Xerxes determined to 

do Greece some wrong.

They burned and destroyed

as they moved from 

town to town.

These Greeks they laughed

are nothing but clowns.


They came to the Hot Gates

of Thermopylae.

Where three armed men

could hold a company at bay.

There was no way around

except the narrowest of paths.

They’d have to forge ahead

and risk an attack.


The Persians found

the path was blocked.

A Spartan King

sprang from the rocks.

With a spear in his hands

and Greeks at his heels

they drove back the Persians.

The path had been sealed. 


A traitor went to Xerxes

and told him a way.

A secret path around


He said, “If I succeed you will pay me well.

If I fail you can have my head.”


The secret path was real

and they attacked from the rear.

The Greeks were doomed to

die right there.

The Spartan King Leonidas

ordered a decree.

The Spartans will stay

but the others must flee.


Go warn Athens.

Prepare for war!

The Persians are coming and they

want to fight some more.

The Spartans held for three long days.

Fighting with spears

they drove them away.


When their spears were broken

they fought with their daggers.

When their daggers were broke

they fought with their hands.

Until all 300

had died for their land.


The Oracle at Delphi

had sealed his fate.

King Leonidas

died at the Hot Gates.


The descendent of Hercules lay on

the mound of the slain.

His men bought Greece some time.

They didn’t die in vain.       

                   by – Christopher Rudolph

The Fearless 300 Poem Printable

300 Spartans – Battle of Thermopylae Lesson – Students are introduced to the importance of the Battle of Thermopylae. In groups, they compare and contrast letters from the leaders of both sides and also read a synopsis from a historian. They research how the people worked with the geography of the land to achieve victory. 9th-12th Grades.

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