8th Grade Adjectives

These 8th Grade Adjectives are hyperlinked to an online dictionary. Students can study these words before taking the 8th Grade Adjectives Vocabulary Quizzes.

Click on these words to study the definitions. Each word is hyperlinked to Dictionary.com

abnormal     aghast     ample     antiquated     archaic     arrogant     authentic     benign    
chaotic     compressed     conspicuous     contradictory     corresponding     


desolate     despicable     elusive     empowered     fixated     forlorn     gnarled     


grueling     ignorant   impetuous    impromptu     incomprehensible     inert


inexplicable     innumerable     intolerant     introspective     legitimate     liable


mournful     ominous     petrified     poignant     presumptuous     raucous     rueful


serene     somber     taut     tedious     teeming     traumatic     vile     vital     wholesome


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