8th Grade US History Academic Vocabulary

8th Grade US History Academic Vocabulary

This 8th Grade US History Academic Vocabulary list covers the 25 most important test taking academic vocabulary words.

1) analyze – To separate into parts so as to examine and study each part.

2) contribute – To give money, help, or advice to someone, something, a group, or an         organization.

3) consequence – An outcome of a result.

4) culture – Ways of living that belong to a group of people.

5) debate – To share competitive ideas during a discussion.

6) debt – Money owed.

7) diverse – Having many types, varieties, and differences.

 8) economy – The system of money, commerce, and labor that determines the wealth of a society, city, state, region, or nation.

9) establish – To start something that will exist for a very long time.

10) exploit – To treat somebody, or some institution unfairly to take advantage of for personal gain.

11) government – The people in the various branches, departments, and agencies that run a city, state, or nation.

12) infer – To read between the lines to form an opinion.

13) legislature – An elected group of people that meet regularly to make laws.

14) neutral – Not supporting either side in an argument, debate, dispute, contest, election, or war.

15) opposing – Acting against or providing resistance to.

16) policy – A set way to do something established by an authority.

17) precedent – An event, action, or decision that is used as a model for the future.

18) predict – To state that something will happen before it actually occurs.

19) prohibited – Not allowed.

20) protest – An expression of disapproval, objection, or dissent.

21) ratified – Approved.

22) relevant – Directly related and important to a subject.

23) repeal – To revoke or cancel.

24) revolution – A struggle to overthrow an established government; a process of radical change in society or thought.

25) significant – Extremely important.

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